November 27, 2017

In todays world we all want to express ourselves and our individuality. Whether it be on Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube, we want our social network to take a look into our lives. Our vacations, fashion, nightlife, homelife, and our unique interests make us stand out and get noticed. At Jake Racklin we believe jewelry should be a window into your personality and individuality. Chosing from an array of colors of hand picked stingray and python leather will be the foundation of your Jake Racklin original bracelet. Customizing your luxurious bracelet in solid gold or solid silver, adding white diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires makes you in charge of how you want the world to see you and your personality shine through. Jake Racklin Jewelry is a fashion statement that will have you wanting more. More ways to express yourself and your exquisite taste. Stack them and wear them from day to night. Wear them while out for an afternoon brunch in the city, day at the museum, a fabulous night out on the town, or to a formal affair. You chose. You decide. You customize your look and your allure.

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